South River Capital has funded more than $250M in the last 5 years to professional athletes.

ATHLETE LENDING active in all 4 Major Leagues

Our Athlete Lending line considers your contract cash flows or a cross-collateralization approach as appropriate. We are active in all 4 major leagues (MLB, NHL, NBA, NHL). You can qualify with your:

  • Existing contracts
  • Free Agent or Arbitration projections
  • Pre-Draft projections
  • Overall net worth and assets

A TRUSTED PARTNER with years of experience

We know you’re looking to excel on game day and beyond. With millions funded and years of trusted service across all Leagues, our commercial loans can help you:

  • Meet off-season business and training expenses for athletes
  • Buy a business
  • Buy investment real estate
  • Restructure other business debt
  • Fund insurance premiums

Commercial Loans designed for you

Our loan products are tailored to meet your unique situation as a professional athlete.

Streamlined application processes

Fast approvals

No minimum credit scores

Flexible repayment schedules aligned with team payments

No prepayment penalties

Convenient closing process when and where you’d like